Medieval Dangreg Keep A1A

"Mad scientists wanted to make Medieval Mode better"

  1. Yaki
    This is a test for a different kind of medieval mode. Pyro get spells, Scout is a puny gremlin, Engineer can build... among other weird additions.

    The whole idea is to make medieval mode better, or at least spice it up because it is a bit bland.

    Dangreg's Keep (Map Description)
    • In this Attack/Defend map, BLU must capture three CPs per stage. There is only one stage, but I do hope to get more going eventually.

    Credits @Zepavil for concepts, direction, being a friend.


    1. cp_dangreg_keep_a10001.jpg
    2. cp_dangreg_keep_a10000.jpg
    3. cp_dangreg_keep_a10002.jpg

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