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  • Fixes
    • Fixed some broken spawns
    • Made the color correction more subtle. This was supposed to be included in the last update but wasn't due to photoshop confusion
    • Removed the shoddy nodegraph that was accidentally packed in the last update.
This is just a quickfix to get the map ready for playtesting.
  • New Features and Reworks
    • Added a TON of new details in the form of props, overlays, skins, geometry and more!
    • Changes to some geometry were made, including a rework of the dam's crown.
    • Added a new soundscape for the flag rooms
    • Reworked the maps' lighting
    • Changed up a lot of textures
    • HDR support has been added
    • Cubemaps have been added
    • Prettied up the skybox a bit
  • Fixes
    • Fixed players getting stuck on structures in the undercurrent.
    • Fixed some texture issues (alignment, nodraws where they shouldn't be)
    • Small optimizations
This update is concerned mostly with improving the finer details of the map. It was initially supposed to be a simple lighting rework (hence the name), but it spiraled into an improvement of all of the map's aesthetic qualities. I still feel that the map retains some of that barren feeling I complained about all the way back in B2. However, I also know that unfinished feeling has been much reduced. A lot of people have been telling me that it has actually been eliminated, so maybe I'm just being delusional.

The next update is going to be concerned with custom assets. That means I'm going to be making my own particle systems, soundscapes, and textures. But most importantly, I will be modifying some existing models and making some of my own. It's probably going to take a while to learn how to use blender well enough to make what I want, so expect a long wait before B5. Don't worry about me abandoning this thing, I hate not finishing what I started.
  • New Features and Reworks
    • Spawnrooms have been modified to make it easier to counter spawncamping
    • The rock wall has been reworked once again, with much better results
    • The dam has also seen some light revamping
    • Added a 3d Skybox
    • Water scrap now flips over if players stand on them for too long
    • The undercurrent has been changed to be easier to escape, but is also much stronger
    • Added more overlays for detail
    • Changed the particle effects for the death pit
    • Various texture changes
    • Added more details to geometry
    • Added more props for detail
    • Added some more ambient sounds in certain areas
  • Fixes
    • Players can no longer stand on top of buoys
    • Snipers can no longer shoot through some sheets of metal
    • Fixed some misaligned textures
    • Fixed some geometry issues
    • Improved lighting in some areas
      • Used a LDR full compile
Ah, October. A wonderful time of year where the temperature is just right and all the annoying bugs are dying. I'm sure at least one of the 37 or so people who downloaded Damnable from here are wondering where the updates have been, seeing as it's been a little over a month since b2. The answer to that question is right there in the update title. Yeah, b3 isn't called that just because Halloween is right around the corner; around 3 weeks into the update I lost all of my progress on b3. Hammer just decided one day that b3 had too many brushes, even after I reduced the map to a state which was even less detailed than the first alpha. While I am not ecstatic that I basically had to redo ~3 weeks of work, this version of b3 looks a lot better than the "lost and damned" one. I know I said I would focus on tiny details in the last update, but you can't tell me this map doesn't look twice as good as b2. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the update. As for me, I am not going to touch displacements for the next 3 months.
  • Main Updates
    • The dam now looks like a dam and not an oversized displacement.
    • The rock walls still look like oversized displacements but they are much nicer looking ones.
    • Added fog to sell the scale of the map
    • Lots of new func_details and props.
    • Some new overlays
    • Redid some old brushwork.
    • Changed the 2D Skybox texture
  • Fixes
    • I found out what repacking is. No more 20K+ kb downloads!
    • Stickies can no longer be placed on the water scrap.
    • The roads are no longer displacements. This was done to stop myself from hitting the limit.
Though I like what I have done in this update, the map still lacks a certain *something* to make it feel alive. B3 is going to focus mostly on making the map feel less barren like B2 did, except in smaller ways.
  • Fixes
    • Added a clip brush to prevent people from travelling all the way up the dam. (The clip is pretty high, so this will not affect normal gameplay.)
    • Fixed some nodraw textures appearing where they shouldn't
    • Fixed some overlays not appearing.
    • Fixed displacements revealing the area behind them
  • Map Changes
    • Redid some poor texturing, most noticeably on the bridge and canyon
    • The road and the death pit now use displacements.
    • Added cables to RED/BLU bases.
    • Added some more small, miscellaneous details.
I originally wanted this to be part of the B2 update, but I didn't want to leave the textures busted until then. In addition, I'm planning to make the B2 update one of the largest leaps in visual fidelity ctf_damnable has seen. I just wanted to get done with as many tiny things as I could before I started doing the big stuff. See you guys in B2!


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