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Dammage A1

Steel-like A/D map set next to a dam during a surprisingly warm winter!

  1. DrNightKOT
    After figuring out that a simple hydro powerplant shouldn't have 4 trains running to it constantly, nor that it should have a giant military-grade antenna tower in the middle of it, BLU decided to investigate and ran into what turned out to be a RED base of epic proportions, set to control weather, manipulate the DNA of aquatic lifeforms and sell overpriced propagandistic shirts to the nearby populace. Not letting that slide, BLU decided to capture the core construction - the RED Radar tower connected to the dam and thus, do a lotta dammage to it.

    Welcome to cp_dammage! Another take at the cp_steel formula, cp_dammage features 5 control points that RED have to defend, with last point being available right out of the gate. BLU team can capture the 4 previous points to provide themselves with various advantages. The points themselves feature combat in relatively unique locations, ranging from simple spire-like construction on C to the complex arena on the final point.

    The map currently is in alpha stages and possibly requires a lot of layout work. It also features a navmesh file, but bots don't really play well on it, as engineers keep blowing their stuff up and BLU bots prefer to attack the last, barely accessible point (and fall to their death into the river) rather than actually go for a more sensible route to A.


    1. cp_dammage_a10000.png
    2. cp_dammage_a10001.png
    3. cp_dammage_a10002.png
    4. cp_dammage_a10003.png
    5. cp_dammage_a10004.png
    6. cp_dammage_a10005.png
    7. cp_dammage_a10006.png
    8. cp_dammage_a10007.png
    9. cp_dammage_a10008.png
    10. cp_dammage_a10010.png
    11. cp_dammage_a10011.png
    12. cp_dammage_a10012.png
    13. cp_dammage_a10013.png
    14. cp_dammage_a10014.png
    15. cp_dammage_a10015.png
    16. cp_dammage_a10016.png
    17. cp_dammage_a10017.png
    18. cp_dammage_a10018.png
    19. cp_dammage_a10019.png
    20. cp_dammage_a10020.png
    21. cp_dammage_a10021.png
    22. cp_dammage_a10022.png