Cuba Detail Entry

Cuba Detail Entry B1

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Cuba Detail Entry B1

Welcome to Cuba!

Welcome to Cuba! My spanish is a little rough, but hey it looks pretty good!

I had a ton of fun making this for the 7.2 hour contest, and I'm really proud of it. Don't worry, I already know the problems and stuff with the map, like the gate not opening correctly, some of the displacements not sewing correctly. But for 7.2 hours, I'd say its really good! There were a lot of overlays on street, like crosswalks, but I started having errors with them last minute, forcing me to delete them if I wanted to fit the time limit. Anyways, heres a screenshot!


Being on the front page was totally rad! I noticed a ton of people coming in asking me how I make maps, so I think being on the front page kinda spread the word about mapping to a ton of people who didn't know about it before.

Here was my original design doc for those who would like to see it. Sadly I didn't get to recreate exactly what I wanted on this, but I got pretty close!

I'll put the link to the vod of the stream later when its done uploading.
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