CTF_TurbineCP B5

CTF with locked doors and CP

  1. Ace2020boyd


    Now I know you may think "Hey am I editing turbine and what not." Well, I'm actually working on a new Gamemode. That involves with CTF and CPs(nothing like haarp). I'm starting out with adding the Gamemode to Turbine so I can make sure I have everything working correctly before I go ahead and implement it to map I'm still drawing out based around this Gamemode and the same size as Turbine(which is why I'm using Turbine as well).

    Gamemode works like this:
    To win a point,
    -Gain Control of the Middle and Enemy sides capture points to Unlock Intel location.
    -Enemy Team must recapture Intel Room to Lock Intel Location.

    I haven't touched this in a long while but has always been in the back of my head to make a map out of this style of gamemode


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