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ctf_storehouses a2

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I updated my map. Hopefully it's better for the most part.

It probably isn't. But Hey. I think I learned some pretty valuable lessons.


Changelog a2:

- Fixed Blue Spawn doors and lockers. Those should be working as intended now.

- Moved the Intel to a much less dickish spot.
- Removed most of the crates in the first area of both bases.
- Blocked a few particularly nasty sightlines, one of which could be used to spawn camp without putting yourself at too much risk.
- Added a small (If slightly broken) slope to Mid. Also Spread out the props a bit more so you have a bit more space to run around them. On top of this added two small Health kits behind the crates on mid.
- Removed more crates
- Improved Lighting in both bases so it shouldn't be too dark now. (Particularly in Red base)
- Expanded the Spawns a small bit to make them feel less cramped.
- Expanded the Platform that you can reach by exiting the upper spawn door, also extends into the mid area of the bases. Removed all of those ugly panel props.
- Removed Player Clipping in the main courtyard, so you can jump across into the crappy flanks.
- Removed. The damn. Fences. Well, most of them.
- I actually tested the map.