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ctf_speedcap A4

My first map, which has an experimental mirrored layout.

Speedcap is quite linear and takes place indoors. The layout is mirrored, which means the spawn rooms are right next to each other. Unlike normal CTF, this map has a 10 minute timer. As the name suggests, this map is less deathmatchy and more objective oriented, with fast paced gameplay. (No idea if it's actually fast paced, needs playtesting with actual humans.speedcap1.PNG speedcap2.PNG speedcap3.PNG speedcap4.PNG speedcap5.PNG
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

Latest updates

  1. ctf_speedcap update 3

    Fixed download. (for real this time) (I hope)
  2. ctf_speedcap update 2

    Fixed download.
  3. Speedcap update

    Fixed download. Added window at spawn. Updated spawn windows. Added more decorations. Replaced some of the crates with ramps.