ctf_softplay a4

Play some classic TF2 in a classic child-friendly environment!

  1. Piesofthesky
    Introducing ctf_softplay, my first ever map!

    This classic game of capture the flag takes place in a large warehouse which has been fitted as an indoor softplay area. Featuring slides, ball pits, a café, a small maze, one-way intel rooms and two "jungle" areas, this map is packed with enough fun to convince The Administrator that the Mann Co "take your kids to work day" is an excellent idea!

    I look forward to seeing you on the battl- *coughs* in the softplay area.
    20161226003814_1.jpg 20161226003958_1.jpg 20161226004031_1.jpg 20161226004117_1.jpg 20161226004128_1.jpg 20161226004143_1.jpg 20161226004310_1.jpg 20161226004358_1.jpg 20161226004642_1.jpg 20161226004702_1.jpg