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mc14 - trains

  1. a3

    a3 changelog:

    - removed a ramp in underground route, making it a oneway dropdown.
    this was too effective an escape route for flag couriers. ideally, this route should only be a quick way in and maybe a viable forward hold location, at the expense of low ground and no retreat. a scout can still make the double jump - we'll see how this goes.
    - lowered mid balconies a bit
    - height adjustments to the walkway over yard/intel
    i have a few ideas for how to change the yard areas, but i'd like to see how they play under heavier traffic first.
    - added a small health kit and a bit more breathing room to the inset in the train tunnel wall
    - lowered respawnwavetimes
    - fixed some sprites on the blu intel train signal not turning off after a train passes
    - fixed closing train gates not crushing players
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