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ctf_poisonwater 2017-08-07

My barely finished summer jam entry

  1. Limasio
    Poisonwater (Formerly Riverside), my first map, including bugs and probably a few missing textures. In this edited version of CTF, you have to defend the intel and a control room, 20170807135639_1.jpg
    to the right of respawn. In there is a button that is the enemy team's color, that when the enemy presses it, turns off the power and gives them an advantage in capping your intel. If they do press it, (and you're quick enough) you can hit the button to the right of it (and in your team's color) to turn the power back on.

    Bugs: (announcers dialogs may be messed up, working on a fix)

    Frontline Assets
    ABS's Resource Pack
    Frozen's Base Entities Prefab


    1. 20170807135556_1.jpg
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