Medieval ctf_mystic A1

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Medieval ctf_mystic A1

Capture the scroll using power ups in this Medieval-styled CTF map!

"Hey you peasant-laddy! Listen, I heard you liked Medieval CTF, so here you go.

Huh? You wanted more gimmicks? Try this one: Every 45 seconds, a lucky laddy who picks up THE GIANT TOME will become a LARGER THAN LIFE for 30 seconds! You think you can handle that?

You want even more gimmicks? Ouch, you're twisting my arm! OK OK, how about players can grab mystic spells like uber, crits, speed boosts and anti-gravity to fight each other?! This is called, "CTF_Mystic", after all!

Now give me back my shovel so I can get back to working on my maps! When I was your age..."

This is a traditional CTF map with Medieval mode enabled, as well as power ups built into the map. These power ups are displayed like the Mannpower power-ups, but they do different things. There are different ones all over the map, most notably the Giant's Tome power up in the middle of the map--This displays a message when the power up has been taken, since it's a real threat!

This is Alpha 1 (the first release), and it's my first map ever in TF2. I hope you all have fun!
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