72hr Jam 2022 ctf_lavapit b2

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72hr Jam 2022 ctf_lavapit b2

Medieval CTF.. Why not right?


Welcome to lavapit, Two castles face each other in a permanent loop of booze stealing. The king ordered both castles to steal each others booze because he can.

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Latest updates

  1. namefix

    named it idfk instead of b2 oops
  2. something happened

    so i dont know really what i did to be honest, i think i made the slowing from the barrel a bit less and fixed some props? welp
  3. The Slow, The Ordered and the messy

    The Slow, The Ordered and the messy - Picking up the flag now slows you, Hopefully this will make sure you can catch up to scouts. Hopefully also creates some kind of cooperation. - Replaced the devtexture megawall with some basic deco. - Added...