ctf_hades b5

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b5 changelog:

- measures to try and fix, or at least better diagnose, an uncommon and locally-unreproducable bug where players aren't being spooked when picking up the flag
- delayed stun trigger enable by 0.01s, in case some weird asynchronous behaviour was leading to this trigger linking to the player before they get marked as courier
- delayed stun immunity trigger enable by 0.04s to account for this (this trigger forces a flag drop if you escape the stun, eg quickfix uber)
- fixed a small displacement seam on red side of mid
- fixed some outdated ivy props
- fixed some z-fighting
fixed red respawnroom

b4 changelog:

a new tf2 patch has released! within it are several bugfixes we contacted valve about.
this patch fixed:
- heavy being able to crouch and jump while scared with his primary weapon out. this fixes a major exploit with heavy couriers being able to take the top route.
- tf_generic_bomb now has options to pass !activator. this means we no longer need to use func_breakable, so grenades, fire, and other projectiles will now break amphoras.
- the dragon's fury's projectiles now interact properly with tf_generic_bomb.
thanks, eric! :)

- added intel signs in tunnel route
- updated ivy props
- buffed fire amphora effects
-- fire amphoras deal far more fire damage for a longer duration
-- fire amphoras deal some damage immediately on detonation
- fixed amphoras not respawning if broken on the first tick after spawn
- added soundscape triggers to water
we have enough brushsides for this now! woo
- further optimisation
- fixed an issue where the flag could be dropped in the boathouse water exit behind the respawnroomvisualiser and not hit the deep water flag reset trigger
- fixed a broken ssbump
- fixed a perch on blu battlements
- fixed a logic error with the blu flag spawning skeletons
- added ambient sounds to generators in temple tunnel routes
- adjusted amphora break sound attenuation
- fixed mann brothers muffled flag lines being global
- added anti-spam delay to mann brothers muffled flag lines
- fixed wrong mann brother muffled flag lines
- fixed spectator cameras
- fixed some z-fighting
- fixed a sign in blu intel pointing the wrong way
- fixed a bunch of gravity-defying pebbles

b3 changelog:

- added amphoras to the far sides of mid beach
- added mann brothers lines on capture
- added muffled mann brothers lines from flags on pickup and drop
you're stealing their souls back, after all. go read the promotional material.
- added asphodel plants :)
- added menu photos
- added mission briefing text (en)
- updated goal strings
- greatly improved soundscapes
- adjusted props at back of intel to direct players better around an area they could get caught
- added resupply signs over ground level spawn door
- fixed culling (flickering) issies on water caustics
- replaced brushwork stairs with bespoke meshes
- replaced brushwork debris with bespoke meshes
- replaced brushwork portal brackets with bespoke meshes
- improved clipping
- fixed an exploit where the courier could cross mid high route
- fixed an exploit where players could build in areas of RED spawn
- further optimisation
- added prop fades
- fixed attenuation on amphora break sounds
- converted amphora break sounds from stereo wav to mono mp3
- fixed soundscapes on blu side
- fixed tall structure around lobby/connectors being buildable
- fixed skeletons not spawning after each flag's first capture
- fixed misaligned capture particles
- increased height on capture particles
- added nodecal to misc pot props
- fixed missing quad on pillar base mesh
- fixed some texture alignments
- fixed a small displacement issue in shore tunnels
- fixed 3d skybox transition issues
- fixed area portal seams around some shutter doors
- small detail adjustments across the map
- fixed funny guys
b2 changelog:

- optimisation pass
did you know we had no occluding geometry beneath the displacements at mid and connectors, and no areaportals? i'm shocked it ran as okay as it did.
- fixed amphora at mid coastline being partially clipped into rocks
- added missing soundscapes to boathouses
- nobuilt large braziers
it WAS funny, but trigger_ignite doesn't damage buildings and trigger_hurt would nobuild the area anyway. sorry :(
- improved clipping around ferries
oops! players couldn't climb out of the water.
- added hazard tape to flag capture zones
- added bubbling particles when skeletons spawn
- added particles for killing the losing team during humiliation
version control hiccup meant we actually didn't have these for b1. oops!
- added fluff particles to flag teleporting
- replaced clips over lobby structures with short push triggers
- improved team side recognition at mid
- added some nonsolid clutter physics props
- fixed missing sound files
- fixed missing albedotint and smoothing on flags
- fixed sorting issues on respawnroomvisualisers
- fixed issue with water damage triggers at symmetry line
- fixed issue with water damage triggers not being present near boathouses
- fixed water damage triggers slightly poking through the ground beneath battlements
- fixed issue with deep water flag return triggers on blu side
- fixed issue with deep water flag return triggers near boathouses
- fixed issues with skeletons spawning on blu side
- fixed flags being slightly misaligned
- fixed some displacement seams
- fixed seam at mid
- adjusted lighting across the whole map
- slightly brightened environment direct and ambient light
- improved clipping
- improved lighting on a few props
- fixed a few prop misalignments
- fixed some small z-fighting
- fixed some brazier particles going through thin floors
- improved displacement cost of water caustics
- added some funny guys

b1 changelog:

- artpass! welcome to the styx!
- each amphora now has a unique model and sounds!
- killing the losing team during humiliation time makes their soul pop out, trapping them in the underworld forever!

optimisation passes and other improvements to follow.


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a7 changelog:
- removed single-capture win
- significantly improved flag logic
-- fixed extreme flag pickup range in most cases
due to how flags work when 'passing' it to another player, the extreme pickup range still happens on the same tick a flag is dropped.
-- implemented a much better method of acquiring the courier
flagdetectionzone passes !activator, which is by huge measures a much cleaner method than the mess i'd cooked up a year ago.
-- now uses 100% less sweeping triggers!
- added more team colouration around mid and connectors
- reduced skeleton health
- revised parts of amphora logic
- fixed water damage triggers not giving damage indicators
- improved outdoor lighting
- added medium ammo to intel room, to aid defending engineers and pushes
- added soundscapes
a6 changelog:

- less skeletons!
20210508143626_1.jpg 20210508143637_1.jpg 20210508143642_1.jpg
- large geo changes to intel room
returning the quickest way out and adding extra space to push, as well as adjusting angles when pushing in, should improve both sides of an intel room fight.
- traversing across the mid high ground requires jumping
couriers will now have to take the low ground, allowing teams more opportunities of running into eachother during flag runs.
- geo changes to spawn lobby
no more cheeky teleporter spots and some extra visibility out of the spawn building
- amphoras now take activator team into consideration
shooting positive amphoras (health, minicrits, cloak) affects everyone. shooting negative ones (jarate, fire, blast) affects you and the enemy team. no more accidentally immolating friendly scouts.
- added bespoke amphora appear particle
a5 changelog

- fixed an asymmetry (oops)
- geo adjustments to connector
- (hopefully) fixed invisible amphoras (for real this time)
- the nearest-to-mid route out of intel now requires a jump, meaning couriers will have to take a longer path before escaping the enemy base
- carrying the intel provides a dispenser-like effect for you and your nearby allies
- updated a few amphora particles
- added amphora spawn particle
- skeletons!
- flag now resets when dropped (not held!) in the water
a4 changelog:

- (hopefully) fixed amphoras sometimes being invisible on respawn
- improved geometry around water
- geo changes around mid, connectors, and lobby
- more cover overall
- landmarking
- significantly reduced water hurt zone damage
- added patches for amphora spawn locations
- enabled halloween mode
- new water. very murky. damage zone indicator should stick out way more against this


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