ctf_don't taze me bro (abandoned) A4


  1. Cynder loves Portal
    If you can get past all the [REDACTED], the Intel is yours for the taking....

    This map is also compatible with Source Filmmaker.

    Garrys Mod version coming soon.

    SCREENSHOTS: (Note: These are from A3 of this map and are subject to change.)

    ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40000.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40001.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40002.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40003.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40004.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40005.jpg ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a40006.jpg