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CTF_ColdBase RC5


A Frontline Themed Map!
Its A Snowy Theme Map.
Discover The Secrets That This Map Holds And Try to Steal The Enemy Intel From Their Base!
the map Encludes Many But Many Exploding Barrels , Mines And More. but dont step on them.

Also If you Want to Test It Out Now Its RC2 Version ctf_coldbase_rc2
or you can download it here: Coming Soon
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. the final version of the map

    Just some Fixes if you find any problems feel free to tell me down below so i can fix them but if there is a pack problem tell me what to do because i cant find anything else to do so i can fix it
  2. New And Improved Version Of The Map

    In This Version: -added Some Easter Eggs. -reduced lag -some props revomed -fixed some issues
  3. Improved Map

    It had A Pack Problem the thing is i packed it but it didnt worked or something if this problem is still on please tell me how to fix it.