ctf_citadel_alpha V2

A simple, 2 sided ctf map much like 2fort, taking inspiration for the clone wars citadel training.

  1. countrybumpkin
    Welcome to ctf_citadel, a new (WIP) map made by a new map maker looking to improve this map and their skills in the mapping community. Looking for some ideas and suggestions on what to add to this basic map.

    This is the first version of the alpha, their will probabily be some issues.
    Version Notes:
    Dev Textures
    No complex ambient sound
    work in progress
    functioning ctf gamemode

    If you test this map and find some bugs, map build issues, or exploits put them down in the comments along with your suggestions, and ideas for the later versions of this map.

    (A new version of the map has been made, check update section for more info)

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