ctf_charon b3

Ghostly Neutral CTF!

  1. a2

    tl;dr fixed shit

    - fixed the doors
    rename tool didn't rename shit so both resupplies' doors shared entity names. fixed that.
    - fixed hell exit teleports lodging people in ceilings
    - fixed hell entry teleport hitbox
    turns out point_push with a negative force doesn't pull players off of the ground until they jump.
    - hell entry teleport now puts teams in separate positions
    players will no longer get stuck on eachother
    - fixed players getting stuck in the resupply warps
    had a janky trigger setup, oops. this is what i get for making most of this map past many, many midnights
    - opened up middle building and expanded middle a bit
    - added some cover around tomb area
    - added small team battlements
    - added tf_glow to ghost that changes colour based on team ownership of flag
    - improved lighting
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