ctf_boomsday a6

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The map now has a connector to spawn, with a side area/flank.
I've also lowered the capzone and tried to fix the duplication glitch but i can't consistently do it to see if what i'm trying is working.
This time i didn't make the map while watching Callmecarson funny moments.
Anyways, there are changes as you can guess.
A problem that i cannot solve is the australium duplication glitch. I did put some force return inputs but it probably won't be fixed.
So... changes :
-Flipped the direction to mid.
-Changed the hazard stripes so it doesn't confuse people anymore
-New route around and to mid
-sightlines. there is so many of them now. snipers aren't useless anymore.
-some things i probably forgot.
I took a while huh ?
This version went throught so many iterations i can't count them. I ended up with this layou that i quite like. I don't know how it plays, but i'll see. I have done major changes to the layout but minimal changes to the logic. The only thing i changed was the speed of the bomb door, but it's so minimal and useless it doesn't matter. You can still cap even though the door isn't open. Because it could be broken to have someone block the door and to make it unplayable.
Apparently the logic was broken ? What was broken ? No idea. was it fixed ? Probably not. Though there was some so minor changes that i cannot bother. This update is more about simplifying things like the capzone getting enabled and disabled for some reason and getting rid of outputs and inputs of the now unused trigger brush that used to open the bomb. Also i got like 3 feedback and all 3 were not useful lol.
Changed a few things :
-Textures because i felt like it
-The bombs starts opened, closes after a succesful capture and repopen after a while.
-Changed some small packs to medium packs
-Changed a small health pack into a full ammo pack
I'm kinda late undating, i could of updated this map a while back, but I wanted to get things working , so here it is. Some changes have been made including :
-Removed one way exit
-Shortened the map
-Removed the text to speech announcer to proper announcer voice lines
-Made the bomb doors ever-so slightly faster
-Moved some pickups
Big changes : the connector from thee base to mid and mid itself were completly changed. The layout is still just a straight line, but it's a more interesting straight line.
Some other changes were done, this includes :
-fixed some announcer voice lines not working
-added text to speech announcer voice lines to lines i couldn't get fixed
-made a text to speech alert when a team opens the bomb
-made the bomb open slightly slower
-made so the australium returns quicker
-reduced the time it takes for the australium to spawn for the first time
-reduced the time it takes for the australium to spawn after a succesful cap
EDIT : oh and i forgot to mention the fact that apparently i have sinned using a certain wood texture. I swear it's fixed now.