ctf_boomsday a6

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ctf_boomsday a6

pick it up contest map

I made this for the Pick it up mini contest.
The version that idecided to go with in the contest was a6, it's not perfect, but i got burned out making this map (lockdown, depression, all that nasty stuff got mixed).
It features the invade ctf gamemode (it is very broken) and bombs. Not only there are bombs, but they are made out of brushes because i don't know how to create models. And because I felt silly, i felt like including some voicelines from Hunt Down The Freeman to make the bomb talk.
This map is currently undergoing slow developpement (I boot it up to make 1/2 changes every now and then).
First release
Last update
Invade CTF
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 6 Update

    The map now has a connector to spawn, with a side area/flank. I've also lowered the capzone and tried to fix the duplication glitch but i can't consistently do it to see if what i'm trying is working.
  2. Alpha 5 Update

    This time i didn't make the map while watching Callmecarson funny moments. Anyways, there are changes as you can guess. A problem that i cannot solve is the australium duplication glitch. I did put some force return inputs but it probably won't...
  3. Alpha 4 : layout changes

    I took a while huh ? This version went throught so many iterations i can't count them. I ended up with this layou that i quite like. I don't know how it plays, but i'll see. I have done major changes to the layout but minimal changes to the...