72hr ctf_blastcap B3.4

Ctf/Koth/MvM, basically this is blastcap

  1. Wellingtons Brownlap
    (I have re-uploaded the map so that you should be able to download it again)
    Here's more details on what had happened.

    This map was created for the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam.
    (It is also the first map I've ever uploaded to tf2maps.net)

    This level is designed like to be like a king of the hill map but can only be won when a team captures the intelligence, which in this case is a live bomb which is captured when it is dropped into the opposing teams bomb pit. However the team that currently holds the capture point is the team that delivers bomb. Also make sure that your team protects the bomb carrier because the bomb will return to spawn if dropped (which will result in a large explosion).

    Big thanks to Boojum Snark's TF2 mapping resource pack which helped speed up the creation of this map.

    You can download Boojum Snark's resource pack HERE
    (It's really worth looking at).

    Also for anyone interested, I had 6 hammer crashes and
    1 computer crash while making this map, this is just in case someone gets bored and decides to tally up the jams crash count idk.


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