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CTF-Style .res file for Player Destruction Version 3

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CTF-Style .res file for Player Destruction Version 3

.res file resembling the CtF HUD that can be used in PD

A .res file made to resemble the CtF HUD, to allow for more generic custom gamemodes using PD's scoring system without players getting confused.

How to install:
  1. Put the HudObjectivePDCTF.res into tf/resource/ui (If the directory doesn't exist, create it)
  2. In your PD logic entity, put resource/ui/HudObjectivePDCTF.res into the .res File key value
  3. It should work, but if it isn't working, or when you ready to publish your map, remember to pack the .res file into the map, otherwise people who have not downloaded this beforehand will not have the HUD!

CTF - How to get the flag compass(es) to render on the PD Hud:
  1. Place a tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp into your map - Removes the CTF scores, but also enables for CP Hud to be rendered on the CTF Hud
  2. In your tf_gamerules entity, set the HUD Override to CTF HUD
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