CTF Duran Duran

CTF Duran Duran A3

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CTF Duran Duran A3

Hungry Like the Wolf ??

Layout complete and
There are a few pony posters dotted about.

PLEASE do not troll me about them OR tell me to get rid of them!

Just comment on the map and tell me of any exploits i need to fix.
Cynder loves Portal
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. update

    minor fixes and a few layout changes.
  2. fixes

    minor fixes and a forcefeild fence by the windows.
  3. update

    This is a major update to the concept map. Both bases are now complete and the logic works. NEW: Breakable windows to use as another exit from the Intel room All elevator logic is working correctly both B2 levels are linked by a vent, so anyone...