Crystaly A2

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I really enjoyed the layout of this map, the boxes and the fences help to break up sight-lines in the main area. In addition I like how the point is obscured from most possible sight lines.

Furthermore knowing that you have had a scaling issue makes me quite exited for the next version of the map as the abundance of ramps boxes and high-ish walls will make this map a dream for soldier and demo players.

However some of the under ground parts seem a bit dark, more so when I have my curtains open (so it may just be a me issue).

But overall i enjoyed messing around in this map, the descending levels, from the balcony, the the area floor to the point, then under the point gave me some Lazarus vibes. Well done i am looking forward to playing this map in the future.
I like the layout of your map. Good job with that.

I think the only crux is the size of it. The ramps, especially those near the spawns, are very long. I would not play Heavy on this map for that reason. As a Demoman I had a great time though.

That tower near the cap point looks great! Maybe later make it into a crane