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What's New

- FIXED BLU-SIDE WELL DOOR (for some reason I used the filter_blu prefab well door instead of using one without a filter? Idk. It should work for Red team now.)
What's New

-New route connection from Well-Door lobby to catwalk room
-Expanded one-way ice route
-Detailed flank medium (changed from full) health-pack room to feature: "Where do you think he was going?" "Anywhere but here."
-Added death-pit behind the buried saucer
-Fixed broken door triggers
-Fixed Resupply Lockers not working
-Added props and railings to catwalk room
-Changed Snowcats to fences at control point. (more reliable cover)


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What’s new:

-Mid, Mid to Spawn, and Spawn have all been GREATLY revamped for the purpose of reducing how long it takes to get to mid from spawn, and to have fun fighting spaces instead of chokey room after chokey room.
-Cut the underground Ice flank
-Size has been shrunken greatly! Spaces are now smaller and sight lines are shorter
-Removed the ufo deathpit for a ufo stuck within cracked ice that holds a medium health kit
-and more!
I originally packed all of the custom models and textures wrong, so I fixed it! should work like a charm now!