Cryogenic A5

"The Ultimate in KoTH Terror"

  1. pk.pseudo
    The Control Point is the warmest place to fight...

    In the cold barren wastelands of the arctic, Red and Blu's "Research Stations" (Disguised Super Weapon Factory & Abdominal Snowman Orphanage) have somehow stumbled across an ancient UFO that somehow was beneath the ice of their bases this entire time! Somehow it didn't go noticed at all during construction! At all! (Seriously? Are you kidding? Who do the Mann brothers hire to build these structures? And they couldn't even see THE GIANT UFO BENEATH THE ICE?)

    Now, in regular fashion, both Red and Blu teams fight over it! But unknown to both of them, something horrifying, sinister, and mildly gross hides beneath the shadows, birthed from the crashed remains... But! Sorry! we're not to that act yet. So the only way chests will get blown open and heads will split (without the whole, teeth part.) is through bullets and bombs!

    My First Map, inspired by the 1982 movie, The Thing! I set out to make Cyrogenic a fun, open koth map!


    Credit to Dr.Face for his Slender Arctic Models and Textures!

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