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crunch v2

Mountain themed tier 3 solider map

  1. toopliss
    A recreation of a map I made during 2017 Jump Jam, with a hefty load of detailing attempt this time.

    (For the uninitiated, Jump Jam was an event where you're given 72 hours to create a jump map from scratch, akin to TF2Maps' own 72 hour events in the past. Organized by the jumper, Pants, it's a good excuse to start making a jump map even if you're not a jump mapper beforehand.)

    This is also the first time I went all out with trying to use displacements so a lot of places to me looks pretty rough but oh well, 15 jumps and 3 bonuses later, it's in a playable state.

    Map should be Tier 3 for solider and Tier 2 for demo, though most of the map is designed with soldier in mind.


    1. 20181029035159_1.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. Final version released!