Cruise B2

Another abandoned map (Framecow) I revived for the September Trilogy

  1. Alpha 13: I opened up a wall. That's it.

    Just kidding. This is a big one


    - Added new windows to the upper level of the middle building
    - Added a small concrete platform under some healthkits so they can be seen easier
    - Added a shelf to the middle building (Thanks, Mudpie!)
    - Added nobuilds under all the spawn doors
    - Added (imho) neat-looking teslas in the empty corners of the map
    - Moved a set of healthkits in the "Offices" of each team further from the wall
    - Also changed patch color to team based.
    - Extended the stairs from the ground to the mid building from 192 units to 256
    - Re-added 3 Tom Cruise cutouts . One is easy to find, but the others are *expertly* hidden.
    -They're both in the middle area, so that really narrows your seach area.
    - Learned how to smooth displacements
    - I put that cap point back where it came from (or so help me, so help me, so help me, and cut!)
    - Turned the team's "garages" into brushes, from func_brushes (Stickes should stick now, 14bit!)
    - Changed the extension ramps in the team's offices to orange "pipey-things" to allow access to other routes
    - Messed with the geometry in the middle building to make it more circular and open
    - Downgraded the pick-up in the cap building from a medium Healthkit and large Ammopack to just a medium Healthkit.
    - Extended the capture zone to cover most of the middle-most area in the cap building.
    - The area that has been excluded has been turned into cover.
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