Cruise B2

Another abandoned map (Framecow) I revived for the September Trilogy

  1. Beta 1 : For realsies this time

    If you have a "koth_cruise_b1" in your files already, it's an old version I like to refer to as "Alpha 11.5". Anyway, here's the changelog!

    "That texture application makes zero sense whatsoever."
    - Zed

    -Started artpass phase

    - Added barbed wire fences to the sides of each team's garage path. Be careful around the top, that barbed wire is gonna hurt!
    - Added a few more custom textures and props.
    - Added an additional resupply cabinet to each team's spawnroom

    - Changed the skybox to sky_well_01. May change back if not wanted
    - Turned a few brush from a func_brush entity to a normal batch of brushes so stickies would stick to them
    - Fixed much of the wonky geometry
    - Reworked spawnrooms. They are now more open and less over-scaled.

    - Reduce the large healthkit near mid to a medium healthkit
    - Reduced some large sight lines by adding some random detailing. Will expand upon this further in B2
    - Removed the random clipping and platform next to each team's lower exit.

    - Many of the Tom Cruise cutouts have exited the main facility and are waiting outside. They seem to be planning and regrouping for something.
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