Cruise B2

Another abandoned map (Framecow) I revived for the September Trilogy

  1. Alpha 12: Nevermind.

    "Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be so hard. I'm going back to-" Alpha.


    - Renamed the capture point to "T.O.M", for Total Override Machine.

    - Reworked textures arond the cap point.
    - Added platforms in each of the team's 'Office Buildings'. These will allow players on the lower stairs to jump to the building's 'Console Room', and vice-versa.
    - Reworked the ramps and railings overlooking the cap.

    - Reduced some details to orange-gridded brushes. Please give me feedback on how to detail these.
    - Removed a detail room in the mid building.
    - Removed the cows.

    - And other changes I forgot to mention
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