Cruise B2

Another abandoned map (Framecow) I revived for the September Trilogy

  1. Alpha 11: "Scientology" No More!

    Scientology doesn't even have to do with science, actually. Plus it's a cult, and no one likes cults.


    - Began detailing, as I plan this to be the last alpha version.
    - Cubemaps!
    - Re-added the Tom Cruise cutout to celebrate the new name. @Ms. Mudpie suggested it, by the way. (The cows will come soon.)
    - Added handrails to the balcony
    - Added two ramps off the handrails on the balcony
    - Added some windows close to the point. They don't do much, though.
    - Added a few more ammo/health packs in the main team "Offices"

    - Reworked some geometry on the mid building. This should allow some more room near the back.

    - Removed the second console near the front entrance of the mid building. You can now grab the healthpacks!
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