Crossbuck a4

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Crossbuck a4

Player Destruction map with two capture zones that open periodically.


A wide Player Destruction map that has two capture zones centered on either side of the map, A and B. A train will arrive to pick up cargo at either point. A will open first, then close for a grace period. B will open second, then close for a grace period as the process repeats itself. Capture Zone active time and grace periods are 45 seconds each. Kill players and pick up their mysterious cargo... Where is it going...?


Wabble's Player Destruction pickups pack - Crate Pickup
Autumnal Mini-Expansion - Holograms in spawn
Generic Industrial Sign Pack - Overlays and signs around the map
train_tankcar02a - Tanker attached to train
Overgrown Prop Pack - Ceiling fans in spawn
KrazyZark's vehicle pack part 2 - Vans around map
Gravidea's Hud Icons - Created by yours truly! But you knew that, didn't you?

Holographic Capture Regions - Self Explanatory (Was also nice enough to make more sizes at my request!)
Modular Granary Conveyors - Self Explanatory
Security Fence Expansion Pack - Self Explanatory
Control Point Holograms - Self Explanatory
Bigger Barrel Crates - Self Explanatory
Railroad Tracks - Self Explanatory
Striped glass - Self Explanatory
RV Camper Van - Self Explanatory
Fubar's quality plumbing set - Self Explanatory

As well as other content from the Construction and Frontline packs!
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First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Map Test Feedback Changes

    -Main roof in the center of the map is no longer playable, and no longer has a window that drops down into point B -Adjusted other roofs to match the changes of the center roof being unplayable -Lower center area now has two gravel piles that...
  2. A new coat of paint!

    -The map has received a name! It shall be named "Crossbuck". -Completely reworked B, overall lowering the distance from A to B, and decreasing the verticality of B. -Removed the doors underneath A. -Added more area portals. -Removed a couple of...
  3. Quick Fix

    -Removed Heavy models from the map that were being referenced for scale. They were somehow still appearing when compiled despite not being able to render, and would occasionally disappear and reappear.

Latest reviews

#GRAVSWEEP first map to get 1 gravillion downloads