Crikey Mode

Crikey Mode v1

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Crikey Mode v1

Crikey Mode! All snipers, no sniping, pure smg fun.



Have you ever wished that everyone only ever used the Cleaner's Carbine? Have you ever wished that TF2 was more like CS:GO? Did you enjoy everyone saying crikey over and over during yesterdays imp?
If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, then Crikey Mode is the mode for you!

This prefab contains a small set of entities that allows you to play crikey mode in any map at all.

Here's what Crikey Mode does:
  • Forces everyone to play sniper.
  • Prevents primary weapons from damaging players. Secondary and melee only, folks!
  • Sets everyone to 100 health.
  • Makes reloading your smg/carbine take twice as long.
  • Makes melee backstabs silently instakill.
To use this prefab, simply place it in your map, and make sure that all of the triggers cover all the spawn points of both teams. It's that simple!

Crikey Mode is the first resource to be released as part of the super serious, totally not a joke, TF:GO project. Next up is the defuse gamemode!
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