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Creep a7

Uncuepa's 72hr map 'Crop', brought back from the orphanage.

Original map - Koth_Crop_72, by @Uncuepa

I intend to make this map halloween-themed in later developement stages.


- @Rexy, for the Forklift model
- The TF2Maps.net community
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 7 : A Complete Normal Map Update [sound of bat wings]

    I forgot to write this as I made changes, so forgive me if there's a change that I forgot to mark here. - Reworked the buildings at Mid. The brick building has a much more open entrance and is now more shipping/recieving themed, while the wooden...
  2. Alpha 6: A tad bit spookier

    - Changed somewhat-phallic silos on each team's side to much more respectable looking cylinders - Lowered point by 16hu (from 32) - Changed all blockbullet textures to the new, non-vvis cutting versions added in the MYM update - Made the wooden...