Cranelift A8

Made another KoTH map out of boredom.

  1. A7: It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead.

    Super duper pooper scooper megal ultra update (but not really because it's still in alpha lmao)

    Gameplay changes:
    -Redid mid for the 5 millionth time.
    -Changed the weird metal walls to concrete walls with team-colored hazard tape lining the top, so they don't blend in with the background too much.
    -The ramps are much simpler now, and you don't have to climb weird boxes to reach the upper computer room.
    -Said upper computer room now has a window that looks over at the enemy balcony. It can be used in conjunction with wall vents and an added ledge to jump to the balcony, and vis versa. This technically also adds a third way to reach the point.
    -The point (and by extension, the cranelift) are slightly higher so that the main ramp leading up to it blocks long sightlines across mid.
    -Random metal plates attached to the support beams of the ramps are now just a ring of white metal. This seems to block some of the nastier sights in conjunction with the new walls.
    -The medium health under the point is now a full. This was a risky decision, but I believe it will entice people to actually go down there. This, I hope, is made up for by being punished harder for falling or being pushed off the point.
    -Adjusted pack placements; a medium health pack has been added under the wall vents, and the packs closest to mid have been moved farther back and downgraded in size.
    -Gave the corridor under the computer/window room a unique identity; raised the roof, expanded it, gave it some diagonal walls, and moved the packs that were in it to a new slightly raised surface with stairs.
    -Raised the skybox outside of spawn and made the exteriors of the spawn rooms and main building actually look like buildings.
    -Added shutters to the leftmost and rightmost doors at the spawn yard.
    -Opened up the big shutter door outside spawn and placed a team-colored van along it to cover a nasty sightline the previous part created.
    -Adjusted the walls of the room with the train flatbed to further block nasty sightlines.
    -Added a stack of crates to

    Asthetic changes:
    -Changed the nucleus under the point to be unique from Nucleus's nucleus, and to make the room much less tall
    -Changed the ugly square skylights above mid to skylights similar to the ones from Gorge and Process
    -The voids leftward and rightward from the spawn yard are now ground
    -Calculated splines

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