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Craggy Coast a6c

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Problems noticed during a6b playtest:
Red still not gaining enough ground for defending
Blu constantly able to flank Red, making red defenses useless
Walk times from spawn may be affecting how areas are held and gained

a6c update:


Added one extra forward spawn for each team:
  • Red now has a forward spawn closer to A that closes after A is capped20210330150334_1.jpg
  • Blu now has a forward spawn closer to C that opens after C is capped20210330150937_1.jpg 20210330150931_1.jpg 20210330150927_1.jpg

Blu Spawn to A:

  • Adjusted spawn exits slightly
  • Added red high ground drop down in the back courtyard of A
  • Raised blu route to a high ground ledge
  • (to avoid area being used as a battleground when it should be slightly more safe for blu coming out form spawn)
  • Added more high ground for red in front of A

Potential issue on the mind:

A has this issue where A is capped and blu still is unable to push pass the area, the thing about capture points is that once blu should be able to capture the point it should signify that they have control of the area, it's concerning that blu will be having this issue. Another thing is that capture points usually should be at the end of an area, to compound the fact that blu have control over that area.

For future versions capture point might need to be reconsidered to be either pushed outside the building, further ahead in the track or the spot before it gets pushed into the building.

A to B:

  • Added route to let blu flow better into battlements after A is capped
20210330150311_1.jpg 20210330150301_1.jpg 20210330150528_1.jpg
  • Adjusted middle flank route routing more, now opening into A building
  • Adjusted left side route due to adding new red forward spawn
  • Old high ground room on the right of the cart path has now been opened up for red to settle on
  • Extended ground for left building, covering the low ground next to B to give red more ground to defend on


B to C:

  • Replaced on rotation route in the back of the left building on the cliffs with more ground for red to defend on and a drop down for red
20210330150403_1.jpg 20210330150412_1.jpg 20210330150417_1.jpg
  • Covered up spot behind the point where red could camp with a sentry and Blu has a hard time retaliating against

C to finale:

  • Adjusted the room that unlocks after C is capped to remove the angled stairs
  • Added high ground for red to use for defending more forward
  • Added high ground building for Blu to use at finale, routing currently runs through red sightline for Blu to get to the stairs of the building
20210330175019_1.jpg 20210330175056_1.jpg 20210330175043_1.jpg
-hopefully fixed people crashing on the map when it loads
Problems noticed in the play test:
  • Confusing routing, perhaps even way too many routes, some routes just go beyond the cart path instead of flowing players back into it
  • Teams feeling scattered, can't effectively group up in fights
General solution to problems:
  • Cut down and modify on the pathing
  • Up the spawnwave time so teams could start spawning in more groups more

a6a Update:

Blu Spawn to A:
  • Redid side route of the curve downward ramp, now it cuts off and has a path leading to a cylindrical building, which replaces the grain silo that was there before
  • Red now has a balcony above the cart track entrance to A, that connects to the now opened up silo building and the back area of A
  • Redid the back area behind A, for red it's now a drop off ledge instead of being connected to the area directly.
  • Redid the building at the base of the spiral ramp, the previous entrance leading to a prop jump closer to the door of the A building is now only a drop off ledge for red, the more further back angled building with the prop jump is now the only way for blu to enter that part of the map
  • Redid the room besides the A cp, giving red more highground and cutting off connection for blu with the short stairs, now blu has to take the long stairs after the point
  • Removed plank connecting the highground above A, seeing that one the exit is now used for blu drop off and if blu goes that way, it would lead to the new drop down, adding more confusion in navigation and two, less need for red to rotate between those two points(also it was a point of contention with potential long sitghtlines)

Hopes for the changes here:
  • Red gets more ground to defend A on
  • Blu doesn't get confused as to where to go later on passing through A

A to B:
  • Shortened side building beisde cart path right after A, hopefully giving blu a better position to the cart
  • Redid room right after A cap, now it no longer leads directly to red battlement areas, must go through upstairs to get there, alternatively, the new path that leads back to the cart path
  • Side route besides the cart path going up is now connected to the red battlement area
  • Building above the side route now is opened up more, drop down ledge is now moved to where there used to only be a window
Hopes for the changes here:
  • Routes being more defined and helpful to blu
  • Routes being more clear to red
B to C:
  • Adjusted the lower Blu forward spawn door exit height to make sure it is not at the aboslute low ground
  • Added signs and door to railroad blu coming out from the forward spawn into the cart path instead of going back to A
  • Removed route below red's forward spawn, to reduce the chance that red could just get to blu forward spawn without being noticed
  • Shortened lower exit path to lead blu closer out to the cart path
  • Lowered the roof above that path that used to be there because there were changes to the water level
  • Opened up the side route that leads to a highground beside the point, it's now less sheltered and more exposed for blu to use and for red to spot and counteract
  • Closed off building routing in front of red spawn to hopefully railroad red to C instead of finale
Hopes for the changes here:
  • Again with routes being closer to the cart path and more ground for red to defend
  • More route clarity and less blu team scattering
C to finale:
  • Opened up Finale building and added roof to hopeful define its shape more
  • Added highground building for blu to shoot into red finale, with lower path for further cover for blu with the new slightly opened up finale
  • Closed off the weird gated room leading to a drop off for blu, the path to the angled building is now extended to meet that highground building
  • Adjusted routing placement at the highground right side of the cart path
  • Building beside the right side of the cart path has changes, a ledge that red team used to be able to crouch jump up to it's now a solid drop off for blu team, denying easy access to blu spawn for red
  • Adding new drop spot for red team to rush to the cart path closer to the end of the track
Hopes for the changes here:
  • Again with routes being closer to the cart path and more ground for red to defend
  • More route clarity and less blu team scattering


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a6 Change log:

  • Remade the entire map
The focus this time around is at making:
  1. Map less cramped
  2. Push times to be shorter
  3. Less sightline heavy(hopefully?)
Anyway this took 2 months to make and came after almost 8 months since the last update hope I still got this


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a5b Update:

  • Re-added cubemaps that was missing from a5a
  • Changed initial timer from 4:30 to 5:30
BLU spawn to A:
  • Changed routing in low ground so it hopefully lets players rotate back from the low ground to the cart track easier
  • Changed to pick up placements to hopefully let BLU to have more of an advantage
B to C:
  • Changed RED forward spawn exit layout
C to Finale:
  • Slightly altered building design in one of the routes to hopefully guide players more towards the cart track instead of going up to where RED final spawn exit is
a5a Change Log:

  • Redid BLU spawn to A, area around A, A to B and half of the area around B
  • Minor changes to BLU initial spawn exit
  • Minor changes to RED forward spawn (after B is capped) exit


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a4 update:

  • Some optimization pass made (thanks @pont !)

BLU to A:
  • Consolidated side route exits on right building, now only has lower exit
  • Consolidated flanks leading to a highground
  • Moved the location of the actual checkpoint
  • Opened up left building beside the point

A to B:
  • Redid path from low ground below B to right in front of red forward spawn, now has actual gameplay
B to C:
  • Added fence to block off an area that could be mistaken as gameplay area
C to finale:
  • Changed some routes to the left of track, red now is cut off from going to sewer highground directly and blu has more secured path going to flank behind
  • Consolidated/Overhauled right building interior, now a big room and a path for blu to push
  • Added prop jump route at the end of the track
  • maybe some stuff I forgot again oops I had this update ready for a week and never posted it


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BLU to A:
  • Generally brighten up side route
  • Made a shack see through about to the right side building
  • Rotated metal sheet to remove route to sniper perch

A to B:
  • Extended platform at behind B

B to C:
  • Changed routing for side building at left

C to finale:
  • Remove added point last version
  • Reworked spawn route for red

  • Some minor spawn time changes
  • something else that I forgot because I'm rushing this update log for an imp
a3a update:

BLU to A:

  • Shorten route on the left
  • Widened route inside right building

A to B:

  • Added door that opens after A is capped, limiting access to the left building
  • Made it so the glass opening opens as a door after A is capped to the new flank
  • Tore off roof building at B low ground

C to finale:

  • Added an extra point that, when captured, locks the top spawn door for red's final spawn room
  • Closed off a route that is formed after C is capped through red's third forward spawn
  • Added more windows in the final area for better Red player visibility for Blu
  • Overall minor spawn time adjustment
  • other stuff that I might have forgotten
a3 update changelog:

BLU to A:
  • Remade side routes and some of the main cart path, hopefully making it slightly less tight all around
A to B:
  • Cut off side path connecting the left building off from A (from BLU's perspective) to the room outside of BLU forward spawn20200301220447_1.jpg 20200301220437_1.jpg
  • Removed a ledge drop off for BLU in the building above
  • Reworked B low ground and area around red second forward spawn to hopefully encourage usage20200301221221_1.jpg 20200301221821_1.jpg
  • Closed off routes to the right of cart path beyond B and moved underground opening under point20200301221950_1.jpg 20200301221940_1.jpg20200301221929_1.jpg
  • Added new flank that opens to BLU once A is capped20200301222351_1.jpg
B to C:
  • Cut off some routes and opened a new one20200301223016_1.jpg 20200301223045_1.jpg20200301223355_1.jpg
  • Added additional forward spawn for RED that is different from the final spawn (opens up when C is capped to provide an additional route for BLU)
C to Finale:
  • Remade last from scratch with new ideas20200301194423_1.jpg 20200301194437_1.jpg 20200301195552_1.jpg 20200301195606_1.jpg 20200301201220_1.jpg
  • (maybe something that I have missed)