cp_WharehouseDistrict B1

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cp_WharehouseDistrict B1

This is a very early cp map, taking place in a ware house shipping district.

These pictures are of Version B1, check the updates.
gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. cp_WarehouseDistrict_B1

    Hello! I've finally gotten around to working on this map again, and without having updated this page I've gotten very near a finished map. I know that it's probably no where near the finished polish that a true veteran mapper would seek in their...
  2. cp_WharehouseDistrict_A6

    So, since last time, I've updated a bit of the lighting and have toyed around with ideas for how I'm going to texture and things like that. It all looks really bad still, but at least you can probably see what I'm going for in certain parts. I...

Latest reviews

Holy Crud, This is like everything I wanted from a factory map and more.