cp_westmine a11

Red and blu face off between two opposing western coal mines in this 5cp map.

  1. DubThink
    My submission for the 2017 summer map jam. I designed this map for 6v6 play. Currently it's on the small side and might be crowded for pubs. I plan to expand the area between 2nd and last at some point, though I believe it will play fine for 6s currently. For this jam, I focused more on detailing than I have previously. Partly inspired by a trip through the Western U.S., I focused on a dustbowl/badlands/old mine aesthetic, particularly on red's side.

    Resources used:
    ABS's Mappers Resource

    hl2_2017-08-07_06-55-46.jpg hl2_2017-08-07_06-56-06.jpg hl2_2017-08-07_06-56-27.jpg hl2_2017-08-07_06-56-42.jpg hl2_2017-08-07_06-57-32.jpg hl2_2017-08-07_07-01-24.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Detailing pass for 72hr jam