cp_undercover a7

A very small map

  1. AlexEatDonut

    An Attack/Defense map.
    The focus of this map is to have points that are quick to cap, and a small layout, thus making travels from a point to another less time consuming.
    This map follows this mindset : if you loose time, you'll get rolled, no matter which side your on.
    "3 Points, 1 Stage, 0 time to waste" is a good way to recap this map.
    Please send feedback that is constructive, so this map can improve over time.

    Q&A :
    -Why so small ?
    -It's a gameplay element that I thought is going to be fun

    -It is competitively viable ?
    -No, i'd rather not plan making it competitivly viable, sorry.

    -Is it frontline ?


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