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Major changes:

- Made Red spawn farther from B.
- Added a vent from Blu spawn to A.
- Added a vent from the tall thingy to B (Doesn't open until A is capped).
- Removed 2 spawn doors for Red
- Added a big platform on B.
- Added a medium ammo pack near B.
- Added more geometry on A, to make defending easier/more interesting
- Made fancy geometry on B.

Minor Changes:

- Changed water in death pit from a HL2 texture to the 2fort water texture
- Changed Large health kit outside Blu spawn to a Medium health kit.
- Shortened Red respawn time (it was like 27 before, sorry.)\
- Increased Cap time for A from 3 to 5
- Increased Cap time for B from 7 to 10

Bug fixes:

- Engineers can no longer build teleporter exits inside the Blu spawn next to the setup gates, allowing Red spies to enter.
- Fixed a bug that made the underwater area in the death pit be just a "missing texture" decal.