72hr cp_turfwar72 a1a

King of the Hill gameplay but with multiple, randomly picked, points

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    A few 72 hour contest/jams ago I started working on an idea of a KOTH map with multiple control points. The idea is simple, a point is picked at random at the start to be the active point. If one team (say Red) captures the active point, then their time starts going down like on a KOTH map. If the other team (Blu in this case) captures a owned control point, the previous owner's (Red) KOTH timer stops counting down and a new point is picked to fight over.

    I've messed around with this idea for a while and have finally gotten all of the logic to work correctly for this jam. The map layout on the other hand, I don't have much faith in. Previous attempts for this idea used a Triangle design BUT for this jam, I tried a design inspired by Standin. I feel that this is really the direction to go with this idea but I'm still pretty bad at making maps but I do feel that this is a big improvement on the randomized points idea I've been working on.

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