CP_TrainDepot a2

Fight on this Attack/Defense map in Red's Supply Shipment!

  1. TheFluffycart
    Welcome to Train Depot! This is currently in alpha 2, and was originally worked on by a user who sadly left the community (tf2maps.net/members/dead-account.26612/). As of now, there are only a few changes, as I want to see what needs to be done based on other people's views. If you have any ideas, go ahead and leave a comment! (For real this time. I goofed up and was adding a VMF)


    1. cp_traindepot_a20001.jpg
    2. cp_traindepot_a20002.jpg
    3. cp_traindepot_a20003.jpg
    4. cp_traindepot_a20004.jpg
    5. cp_traindepot_a20005.jpg
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