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CP_TrainDepot a4

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CP_TrainDepot a4

Fight your way to Red's Shipment Station to shut down their emissions

Welcome to train depot (Working title). As of now, the working story is that Blu teams water treatment station is being polluted by the Red team's Shipment Station. Fight your up to the station, and stop them before their backup arrives (Not in the map yet).

This map was originally posted by a user in the orphaned map repository by an account which left the community ( It's been slow progress, but the map is coming along slowly.

If you have any feedback for it, please leave a comment or feedback it in play testing, and I will try to get right on that. Thanks, and have a lovely day
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Train Depot a4

    -Added some cover to the side room leading to main point entryway -Added some height around first point -Added health and ammo near building near right exit -Added full health kit underneath first point -Added pumpkin bombs underneath first point...
  2. cp_traindepot_a3

    Forgot to upload this. Remade last, and moved spawn closer