CP_Towered A1

Bowser was here

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    This is a control point map.

    There are 5 control points

    2 are in the towers and 1 guarded by castles that bowser left.

    I have provided a detonator for Castle demolition but when you press it you got 9 seconds to haul flank out of the area before it blows!!!


    1. tf2_towered0002.jpg
    2. tf2_towered0005.jpg
    3. tf2_towered0007.jpg
    4. tf2_towered0008.jpg
    5. tf2_towered0009.jpg
    6. tf2_towered0010.jpg
    7. tf2_towered0012.jpg
    8. tf2_towered0013.jpg