cp_toplar a4_2

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  • Fixed doors
  • Added resupply lockers to forward spawns
  • Added cover to close some difficult sightlines
  • Added additional one-way team doors from second spawn forward
I'm considering restructuring the entire layout, but before that I need to know what specifically works, what doesn't, and why.
  • Rebuilt the path and area around last CP
  • Now featuring more closed spaces on flanks
  • Closed off path from center to garage (under plank bridge now leads only to the yard before second CP)
  • Rebuilt spawns, pushed spawnpoints more to the back, reduced spawn time
  • Moved some cover around
-consolidated paths around central control point
-brightened some indoor areas, added directional signs
-altered cover around exits to second CPs
-closed the hole above central CP, replaced two small medkits with one medium medkit and two small ammo packs
-added medium medkits at the covers on sides of central CP
-Removed tunnels between mid to last
-Added new route from mid to second on the side
-Added cover all around, more access paths to higher grounds