cp_toplar a4_2

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cp_toplar a4_2

5cp map set in an european farm village.

My first attempt at making a proper 5cp map, and an exploration of the farm theme. The look of the theme will be inspired more by architecture and environment in my own homeland.
Gameplay-wise I'm going more towards classic tf2 maps, but with open areas to spare.

Current version: alpha2
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Version alpha 4 fixes

    Fixed doors Added resupply lockers to forward spawns Added cover to close some difficult sightlines Added additional one-way team doors from second spawn forward I'm considering restructuring the entire layout, but before that I need to know...
  2. Version alpha 4

    Rebuilt the path and area around last CP Now featuring more closed spaces on flanks Closed off path from center to garage (under plank bridge now leads only to the yard before second CP) Rebuilt spawns, pushed spawnpoints more to the back...
  3. alpha 3

    -consolidated paths around central control point -brightened some indoor areas, added directional signs -altered cover around exits to second CPs -closed the hole above central CP, replaced two small medkits with one medium medkit and two small...