cp_toner A23

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I decided to stop working on this map and just move on. I've spent far too long on something that I have lost all ideas for, so I've decided to can it. The update includes some textures and a few minor changes that really don't make any difference.

There are a few visual bugs that I'm aware of and I'll be making a post in the orphaned maps so you can get the vmf.20170820220215_1.jpg 20170820220226_1.jpg 20170820220247_1.jpg 20170820220256_1.jpg 20170820220333_1.jpg 20170820220431_1.jpg 20170820220444_1.jpg 20170820220511_1.jpg 20170820220519_1.jpg 20170820220530_1.jpg 20170820220551_1.jpg 20170820220614_1.jpg 20170820220627_1.jpg 20170820220730_1.jpg


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This update brings a few new additions to the map and some other changes including a new area underneath the map as well as some general little fixes here and there. This is a leap from the older version because of the amount of times I changed the area underneath.
-Removed random metal bar brush from blu forward spawn
-Added props to the upper storage area beside forward spawn so people get less confused.
-Added nav mesh for bot testing (if you're into that sort of stuff.)