cp_snowfield a6

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+ Mirrored the entire map. Left side advantages should now be right side advantages.

+ Added a clock above the spawn door that leads to the rollout.

+ Changed the mid point design. It has high ground and cover against the main route.

+ Adjusted health and ammo, especially around the 2nd point.

+ Added a hill to both sides of mid.

+ Changed the railing brushes at mid to railing props.

+ Changed the value of the health packs behind the railings from small to medium.

+ Added rocks to the main route for attackers on the 2nd point.

+ Adjusted clipping.

+ Added a new route to the 2nd point.

+ Fixed an issue where people couldn't change class without dying in the first blu forward spawn.

+ Reworked 2nd. It is now a spire.

+ Added dynamic signs to the mid spawns. If the forward spawns are activated, there's a sign in front of the spawn door telling players to go left.

+ Removed the rocks at mid.

+ Tweaked bits of last.

+ Changed the spawnrooms at last.

+ Blocked a sightline at mid.

+ Adjusted respawn times.

+ Improved optimization.

+ Reworked last and second. Last is in front of a greenhouse inside the corresponding team's base, and second is inside of a snowy wooden shack. The map is overall bigger and more interesting.

+ Changed cover on mid.

+ Added decoration to the buildings at mid.

I want to thank everybody who left feedback on version a3, because I didn't thank them at all when I first received their feedback. But after I took a break from working on the map, I was able to clearly see what needed to change, and I was able to bring myself to rework major areas of the map.

+ Changed the main spawnrooms so that defenders have a high ground option when defending the last point.

+ Increased the distance from mid to 2nd.

+ Moved last forward spawns back.

+ Reduced spawn times overall.

+ Increased cap time on 2nd.

+ Removed multiple shutter doors.

+ Added ramps for the defending team on 2nd

+ Added a health and ammo pack inside the building behind 2nd.

+ Fixed a spot on the rocks at mid where you could get stuck. (I'm incredibly sorry, ferret).

+ Changed the cover and displacements on last.

+ Changed the buildings on mid to an L shape.

+ Added team colored arrows on mid.

+ Removed the displacement cliff on 2nd.

+ Increased cap time on last

+ Moved the 1st forward spawn from inside the mid building to inside the last building

+ Clipped a small ledge between a brush and a displacement on last

+ Removed some of the cover at mid and 2nd

+ Adjusted positions of last's control point and of certain rocks

+ Fixed a sightline at mid that allowed a sentry gun to fire freely onto the point

+ Fixed displacements on last

That's honestly all that changed.