cp_rosche B6

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This update brings:
*Can't remember most of what was done as it's been so long since the last update + a consistent working pattern on this

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated on both layout and visuals

Thanks to Xayir for helping push this update out
Changelog will come B6, I wanted layout feedback so yeah, when it's all fully done that'll be B6
This (sort of small) update brings:
*Added a hole in the attacker's roof near A, to give them less space and to provide a quick escape
*Rotated some spawns in Blu's second spawn to lead some away from the cave
*Added additional detail on a few structures, notably the storage area outside of B
*Moved one of Red's spawns back a bit
*Added OOB areas in -
*Wooden building near Blu's spawn
*Red's last area
*Blu's spawn
*More planned + potential expansions of current OOB areas
*Widened the area initially out of Blu's spawn
*Modified a staircase on 1st, can now build sentries under it
*Fixed a few clipping brushes
*Added some pipes near last so the Redstone Cargo structure's generator makes sense
*Fixed a few misaligned textures
*Added some cables around last
*Added some ropes extending above 1st
*Added a gap in the fence flank area near 2nd, to experiment w/ something
*Removed clipping on roofs near last for logical reasons
*Changed some textures near last
*And probably more stuff I've forgotten!

I may start work on a layout edit at some point

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
This update brings:
*Added soundscapes, long overdue
*Updated all screenshots
*Added out of bounds areas (pretty much the 3D skybox)
*Some generally around the map, as well as a new one within Blu's
first spawn
*Fixed agressive prop fadouts - turned out the props were within an occluder that I somehow forgot to remove
*Lots of great structure renovations, now looks much more interesting to walk around, courtesy of @Xayir
*Added some more detail around last's structures
*Detailed the exteriors of many buildings a lot more
*Fixed some clipping around the map
*Fixed some props fading out around last
*Fixed some minor issues with light cones within Blu's first spawn
*Added some windows to structures near to last
*Fixed some mismatched textures
*Added some small details around first
*Widened the staircase next to first, within the generator structure
*Fixed a lot of minor things that I am too lazy to list anymore

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
This update brings:
*Removed some cover for Red team on last
*Removed some cover for Blu team on last
*Added supports in the cave
*Fixed dodgy prop fadouts
*Added a new spot for engineers at 1st
*Changed the interior roofs of some buildings
*Changed floor textures for Blu's first spawn
*Added an out of bounds area in Blu's spawn
*Removed a few pieces of cover, making sniper more viable
*And some miscellaneous stuff I surely forgot

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
This update brings:
*Remade last's detailing + cap event
*Added more cover for last's point
*Fixed a lot of clipping
*Added some displacement cliffs around the area
*Spiced up Blu spawn's spytech - more will come soon
*Did some extra detailing on first
And probably more stuff that I forgot

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Welcome to Rosche, a Goldrush themed 2CP A/D map! This was pretty much a collaberation with @Xayir, and will continue to be. This has now officially hit Beta. Screenshots will arrive with B2
This small update brings:
*Fixed a double healthkit
*Fixed a random nodrawed brush
*Added a short wall for sentries to go behind at last
*Added a short raised platform for engineers at the 1st cap point
*Fixed a clip brush
*Added a generator in a room
*Detailed a room slightly
*Raised another roof slightly, and made the wall flush
*Smoothed a wall
*Adjusted some more clipping
*Extended a platform

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
This update brings:
*Added clip ramps to one of the box piles, so less jumping is required to get up. May add more in the future if they work well
*Fixed Z-fighting on a door in Red's spawn
*Clipped the stairs in Red's spawn
*Raised the skybox a bit
*Made some buildings taller
*Removed a clip brush that prevented players from jumping over a fence to access a flank
*Changed up roof textures a bit, to help indicate area and to make it less repetitive
*Collapsed some walls in the middle of buildings, now a few areas feel a lot more open and less like another of a multitude of different rooms with no purpose
*Added two generator models to help act as landmarks for callouts/etc
*Added some windows to help players see oncoming threats, etc
*Added some stairs to it, and make the one way door in Blu's second a two way door
*Clipped a displacement edge to stop players from getting caught on it
*Added some health and ammo under the platform at last
*Increased the length and reduced the height of the long barricade cover at last
*Added another fence section to help cover Blu on last
*Added some boxes to allow attackers to jump up and have some cover, while firing over defenders
*Changed the team colour of a uniform locker in Blu's spawn
*Made sure the 1st point is not elevated off the ground

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!