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cp_ringroad A1

I already regret mapping.

Alright, so I made another map. I'm sure I'll be one of the top contributors after a few months, right guys?

So anyway. Steeltype. I called this cp_ringroad since the basic idea was three points on one curved stretch of land going past the final point. Hence, a curved road.

This is a steeltype, so you can technically cap D anytime you want, though it isn't actually possible to access it while you're attacking C, without intense backtracking even the most dedicated Spy wouldn't want to do. This is deliberate, though, since once you cap C, you just win without having to attack D. This reflects my idea of what the last point should be in a steeltype - an optional second point to attack if you're having trouble completing the main objective, which is to capture the other points.

The layout kinda sucks rn - the distance between points is probably too small and BLU probably spawn too close to the points. That'll have to be fixed in A2. Another thing I'll have to fix is the lack of cubemaps and spectator cameras - because screw cubemaps and spectator cameras.

Also I made sure to take pretty screenshots with antialiasing on and everything

but I left mat_picmip at 2

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