Cp_powerwater a14

The powerplant is a cover for hiding illegal weapons

  1. Alpha 14 - Lightning Lasts Forever

    Alpha 14 is a medium to large update which took forever because Source is not user friendly engine
    -Changed Final (again) and better lights
    -Added some new pickups
    -More detail, because that is good choice for alpha map
    -Still no toster that powers up all of powerplant
    -Propably the last alpha.
    -Added Spectator's cameras 20190823151109_1.jpg 20190823151146_1.jpg 20190823151207_1.jpg 20190823151220_1.jpg 20190823151329_1.jpg 20190823151344_1.jpg ...
  2. Alpha 13 - Small reforging update

    *Alpha 13 is a small update, that changes small things mainly:
    - Remaked slightly last
    - Changed sizes of some pickable packs of health and ammo
    - Remaked one route
    - Reduced cap time
  3. Alpha 12 - Detail and refine update

    tl;dr: EVERYTHING

    In more detali:
    Reworked everything except mid, it's still pretty much the same arena (but still changed a little)

    Added detail! YEA! even if it is a bad idea

    Added areaportals... finnaly 20181207234601_1.jpg 20181207234627_1.jpg 20181207234634_1.jpg 20181207234649_1.jpg 20181207234717_1.jpg 20181207234725_1.jpg 20181207234749_1.jpg 20181207234807_1.jpg 20181207234824_1.jpg ...
  4. Alpha 11 ~ Brick and Wood Update

    Changed a Lot, I am too lazy to write all changes

    -Looks, detail, maked RED side more wood and Blu industries (that means brick and metalic look [are they even a words?!])
    -Gameplay changes?
    -Toaster finnaly in Map!... Wait? still no? ok
    -No added Optimazation
    -Are you sure i didn't added toster? It literaly powers up the powerplant!
    -Last captured TOO FAST, increased time to capture from 2 sec to 3 sec (2 people)
    -Heavy is fun to play always, sightlines are not a problem, and...
  5. Alpha 10 - Something's Fishy update

    The Powerplant just have discovered that they have a storage room, so far the crates contain weapons... What is going on?

    Alpha 10 is here:
    -Brand new arena: Hangar (man i am so proud of this)
    -A new ramps on the last
    *smaller changes
    -cliping, lighting changed some cover and removed those GOD DAMN PILARS at last

    Hope you enjoy :D


    1. upload_2018-5-20_15-37-43.png
  6. Alpha 9 - covered update

    -Added new cover, routes, lights, spotlights and toster!*

    *toster is not in this map, sorry.
  7. Alpha 8 - the feedback update

    *Changed a lot of things based on feedback like:
    - adding route to prevent camping in one spot looking only in one direction
    - blockbullet on one sealed window
    - missing overlays now are here
    *and maked some changes for last...

    Merceneries out! gl hf!
  8. Alpha 7 - The deathpit update

    *remaked mid for the first time... REMOVED THE DEATHPIT, it ruined the gameplay so i needed to remove it :(
    *added some cover on second, preventing to block all paths from one spot
  9. Little update - Alpha 6

    - fixed (for the second time) func_visualizer... i hope
    - changed last a bit
    - removed one pickup that shouldn't be there

    that's all! SEE YA!
  10. Power update! -or update that makes map smaller-

    -Reworked everything except mid...again like 2nd time... no rly, i made map from scratch again and maked everything simpler 20180317230238_1.jpg 20180317230246_1.jpg 20180317230310_1.jpg 20180317230317_1.jpg 20180317230339_1.jpg 20180317230356_1.jpg 20180317230428_1.jpg