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Cp_powerwater a15

The powerplant is a cover for hiding illegal weapons

  1. Barti21550
    Welcome to this powerplant powered using only water, i have no idea how does it even work, but it isn't important! the more important think is that I hired YOU to take opposide side! because I want to have monopoly over the water powered powerplants! And gain control over rumored illegal trade of weapons, which we also do... forget that last part, just take the other side! 20201216220257_1.jpg 20201216220341_1.jpg 20201216220417_1.jpg 20201216220439_1.jpg 20201216220520_1.jpg 20201216220318_1.jpg 20201216220355_1.jpg 20201216220404_1.jpg 20201216220428_1.jpg 20201216220529_1.jpg 20201216220538_1.jpg 20201216220602_1.jpg