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Cp_powerwater a11

The powerplant is a cover for hiding illegal weapons

  1. Barti21550
    Welcome to this powerplant powered using only water, i have no idea how does it even work, but it isn't important! the more important think is that i hired you to take second side, because i want to have twice the power i already have, and also other side has illegal weapons, but we also do... forget that last part, just take the other side! 20180527203651_1.jpg 20180527203936_1.jpg 20180527203537_1.jpg 20180527203547_1.jpg 20180527203930_1.jpg 20180527203629_1.jpg 20180527203620_1.jpg 20180527203603_1.jpg 20180527204015_1.jpg 20180527203958_1.jpg 20180527203921_1.jpg 20180527203713_1.jpg 20180527203634_1.jpg